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Annual Investment Report (2013 – 2014)
NAV as on 30-NOV-2015*
Monthly Guaranteed Interest Fund 
Monthly Guaranteed Interest Fund : SFIN Code - ULIF04511/01/08MIA135

Interest Rate Declared for SEP-2015 is 7.75 % Annualized
Track Interest Rates declared in the past
Market Linked Fund 
Bond Fund - Pension : SFIN Code - ULIF05719/02/09BONDPEN13515.7316
Bond Fund : SFIN Code - ULIF04011/01/08BOND13515.6081
Equity Growth Fund - Pension : SFIN Code - ULIF05419/02/09EQOPPPEN13529.4531
Equity Growth Fund : SFIN Code - ULIF04111/01/08EQOPP13520.3896
Income Fund - Pension : SFIN Code - ULIF05619/02/09INCOMEPEN13516.3300
Income Fund : SFIN Code - ULIF04211/01/08INCOME13518.1937
Midcap Fund - Pension : SFIN Code - ULIF06924/11/09MIDCAPPEN13522.9023
Midcap Fund : SFIN Code - ULIF06824/11/09MIDCAP13523.5157
Nifty Index Fund - Pension : SFIN Code - ULIF05519/02/09NINDEXPEN13524.5582
Nifty Index Fund : SFIN Code - ULIF04411/01/08NINDEX13515.4271
Pure Fund : SFIN Code - ULIF07205/08/10PURE13515.3866
Guaranteed Return Fund 
Guaranteed Return Fund 19000619 (Minimum Guaranteed NAV of Rs.19 on June 30, 2019, Closed for Sale effective October 05, 2009) : SFIN Code - ULIF05911/01/08GRF313515.2051
Guaranteed Return Fund 20001219 (Minimum Guaranteed NAV of Rs.20.00 on December 31,2019) : SFIN Code - ULIF06211/01/08GRF513515.3478
Guaranteed Return Fund 20001219 - Pension (Minimum Guaranteed NAV of Rs.20.00 on December 31,2019) : SFIN Code - ULIF06724/11/09GRF5PEN13515.2438
Discontinued Fund 
Discontinued Policy Fund : SFIN Code - ULIF07301/07/10DISCON13513.9402
Capital Guaranteed Fund 
Asset Allocator Fund 
Aggressive Asset Allocator Fund : SFIN Code - ULIF04811/01/08AGGRESSIVE13520.6515
Cautious Asset Allocator Fund : SFIN Code - ULIF05011/01/08CAUTIOUS13517.9347
Moderate Asset Allocator Fund : SFIN Code - ULIF04911/01/08MODERATE13519.1687
SAIN-wise Reconciliation 
No Record found 
List of closed / merged funds
Closed FundDate of Fund ClosureClosed Fund Name
GFRApr 1 2014Guaranteed Return Fund 14690413 - Individual Life (SFIN:ULIF04611/01/08GFR135)
GRF2Aug 31 2013Guaranteed Return Fund 15030813 - Individual Life (SFIN:ULIF05111/01/08GRF2135)
CGFAug 17 2013Capital Guaranteed Fund 08080813 - Individual Life (SFIN:ULIF04711/01/08CGF135)
C02Nov 18 2013Capital Guaranteed Fund 11081113 - Individual Life (SFIN:ULIF05211/01/08C02135)
C03Feb 28 2014Capital Guaranteed Fund 03090214 - Individual Life (SFIN:ULIF05311/01/08C03135)
C04Jun 30 2014Capital Guaranteed Fund 07090614 - Individual Life (SFIN:ULIF06111/01/08C04135)
GRF4Jul 31 2014Guaranteed Return Fund 13380714 - Individual Life (SFIN:ULIF06011/01/08GRF4135)
PGR4Jul 31 2014Guaranteed Return Fund 13380714 - Individual Pension (SFIN:ULIF06624/11/09GRF4PEN135)
C05Oct 31 2014Capital Guaranteed Fund 11091014 - Individual Life (SFIN:ULIF06311/01/08C05135)
DGFDec 31 2014Dynamic Guaranteed Fund 01101214 - Individual Life (SFIN:ULIF06424/11/09DGF135)
PDGFDec 31 2014Dynamic Guaranteed Fund 01101214 - Individual Pension (SFIN:ULIF06524/11/09DGFPEN135)
MAXIGAINJun 29 2015MaxiNAV Guaranteed Fund (ULIF07503/03/11MAXIGAIN135)
GGFJun 29 2015Guaranteed growth fund - Pension 19711121 (ULIF07403/01/11GGFPEN135)
LIQUIDJun 29 2015Liquid Fund (ULIF04311/01/08LIQUID135)
PLIQUIDJun 29 2015Liquid Fund - Pension (ULIF05819/02/09LIQUIDPEN135)
PDGF2Jun 30 2015Dynamic Guaranteed Fund 07100615-Pension (ULIF07124/11/09DGF2PEN135)
DGF2Jun 30 2015Dynamic Guaranteed Fund 07100615 (ULIF07024/11/09DGF2135)
*Last published NAV
Disclaimers – Nifty Index Fund

Actual Asset Mix as on March 31st , 2015
Latest interest rates on the Government Of India Securities (G-Sec) – For Incomesurance TM Endowment & Money Back Plan.

Latest interest rates on the Government Of India Securities (G-Sec) – For Retiresurance Guaranteed® Pension Plan.

Surrender value factors as a percentage of the total amount of premiums paid for the entire premium payment term for Loansurance

Change in Fund Mandates

Modification in Equity Valuation

In terms of IRDA circular no. IRDA/F&I/INV/CIR/213/10/2013 dated 30/10/2013, the valuation of the equity shares shall be made on the closing price of the Primary Exchange, where the securities are not listed on the Primary Exchange, the Company shall use closing price available on the Secondary Exchange. For this purpose National Stock Exchange (NSE) is the Primary Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) is the Secondary Exchange.

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