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In an age of mobile games, hand-held tablets and 24X7 television it is not surprising that many children are addicted to these electronic devices and miss out on much-needed exercise. These, along with unhealthy eating habits, often wreak havoc on their health. As a parent, you can get your children interested in health and fitness from a young age. Here are a few things that you can do right away.

Practice what you preach


Tick, tick, the clock is ticking away as the countdown for the end of the tax saving investment season has begun. In the rush to meet the March-end deadline, don’t falter on making the right choice. Here is a bird’s eye view of major tax saving investment options available.

Section 80C Investments

As many of us are aware, you get annual income tax deductions of Rs 1.5 lakh under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. Here are some popular options.


A heart attack or heart failure, not only puts a person’s life at risk but also the financial future of the person’s family. This is more so when the person is the sole bread earner of the family. The good news is that one can be financially well-prepared for any heart ailment. Before we tell you about it, here is a brief background that will help you appreciate the need for financial protection from this illness.



Your pace is less important when you are a simply running for the joy of running. It is only when you decide to improve your speed or are gunning for records, pace becomes important. To do this you can find help in a pacer. Pacers help you not only meet your time goal, but also help you to stay on track by maintaining a specific time per mile.

Choosing a Pacer

Pacers are individuals who are experienced runners themselves. They have been running with targets for a while and are usually individuals willing to support your timing goals.


It can seem difficult to make sudden, drastic changes to one’s life.  That’s the reason why most New Year's resolutions are long forgotten by the end of the first week of the New Year.

However, what most individuals don’t know is that it takes about three weeks to get comfortable with a new habit. So we've put together top 5 ideas that can totally change your personal and financial wellbeing this new year.  Just add one of these habits each month in 2018 and by year's end you'll be looking and feeling better than ever.


Revealed! How To Get Protection, Growth And Tax Saving From One Investment

Are you one of those whose major part of annual savings happens thanks to tax saving investments? This means besides saving tax, your investments need to do two more important things.


Here’s An Investment That Secures Your Family And Also Beats Inflation

Your uncle retired in 2001 and thought that his Rs 30,000 monthly pension would suffice for the rest of his life. Today, that money roughly buys a third of what it bought then*. No wonder he is always complaining of inflation. But that’s the damage inflation does—silently devouring your money.


Get Future Ready With Savings Plans

For you nothing can be more beautiful than the dreams you have for your family. Great higher education for your children and a worry-free retirement, are just some of the many things you dream of. To leave nothing to chance, you have been investing regularly. But will that be enough?

You need to ask yourself what if something went off the perfect script, you are penning for your family. For instance, if the worst were to happen to you, who would look after your family, in the same loving way you do?


Make Your Online Term Plan Your Family’s Monthly Pay Cheque

Ping! There are few sounds sweeter than the smartphone message ringtone on the first of every month, informing you about the credit of your pay in your bank account. That one sound is followed by a frenzy of activities in your family be it buying groceries, paying bills, dining out or your investments.


Look Beyond Low Premiums When You Buy Online Term Plans

“All that glitters is not gold,” Shakespeare had famously said. This is surprisingly true for online term plans. They have lower premiums than term plans sold through advisors since life insurance companies pass on the savings in their cost of selling.



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