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Register a Death Claim

Here are the list of documents that need to be submitted to register a death claim.

  • Death Claim Form Download
  • Original Policy Document
  • Original / Attested copy of Death Certificate issued by Municipal Corporation
  • Attested copy of nominee’s photo ID and Residential proof (List of documents)
  • Medical records at the time of death and documents related to any past illnesses of the insured person
  • Cancelled cheque of the nominee’s bank account (containing IFSC code)

Death Claim will be registered on the date of receipt of the written intimation and the aforementioned documents at the Head Office.

Have queries regarding documents required to register a death claim? Check out our Claims FAQs

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Claim Processing

If your documents are complete and we need no further documentation, we settle your death claim within 8 working days. In case the claim requires further investigation, the same will be completed by us within a reasonable time.

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Claim Payout

Once the claim is settled by us, we shall transfer the claim amount to the bank account of the nominee(s) through Electronic Fund Transfer. In case of an Electronic Fund Transfer failure, we shall send the cheque to the nominee’s mailing address

Download Claim forms

Death Claim Forms

Accidental Death and Disablement Benefit Claim Form Download
Death Benefit Claim Form Download
Hospital Cash Benefit Claim Form Download
Waiver of Premium Benefit Claim Form Download
Major Diseases Benefit Download

Other Forms

Employer's Certificate Download
Indemnity for Lost Policy Document Download
Open Title Documents – a) Indemnity Form Download
Open Title Documents – b) Surety Form Download
Open Title Documents – c) Waiver of Legal Evidence of Title Download
Physician's Statement Download

Frequently Asked Questions about Claims

A claim must be reported as soon as possible, to enable the Company to ensure a smooth process.
The Company considers the sum-at-risk, cause of the claim incident, circumstances of the claim and duration of the policy. For example, in an accidental death,specific proofs such as post mortem and police reports are required.For death due to illness, we may call for hospital records, test reports, etc.
The original Policy Document is a mandatory document for processing any claim; however if the same is lost or misplaced we may call for some alternate document / s and the claim is processed further.
  • • The Nominee or Appointee (in case of minor Nominee) last recorded under the policy in case of policy on own life.
  • • The Proposer in case the policy is not on own life.
  • • Assignee in case the policy was assigned.
  • • Trustee under MWPA (Married Woman Protection Act) policies / Karta in case of HUF (Hindu   Undivided Family) policies.
In such circumstances, it is termed as "Open Title" situation. The Company would require the proof of title / Succession Certificate issued by the competent court. The Succession Certificate should specifically provide orders for disbursement of policy monies. If,however, the deceased has left a Will, a probate of the Will is required along with the copy of the Will.

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