Most Asked

Where can I get answers to my other queries?

Rehan your Virtual Assistant on : be able to answer most of your generic queries.

In case you are not satisfied with the same, you can write to us at from your registered mail ID

Can I make alterations to my policy such as change in Name, Address or Nominee etc in the current situation?

Given the difficult times, we urge you to request for only critical policy alteration requests. You can visit the customer portal,, to transact certain policy alteration requests.

You can also email us your request on from your registered mail ID

Where can I get my policy related statements like Annual Premium, Premium Receipts and Fund Statements?

You can download policy related statements by logging into the customer portal

You can also email us your request on from your registered mail ID.

How can I perform my ULIP transactions such as Fund Switch and Premium Redirection?

You can visit the customer portal, and proceed to the 'Transact fund switch and premium redirection related transactions.

Alternatively you can down load the Application for Fund Switch and Future Premium redirection form from our website and email the same on from your registered email ID

How can one intimate a death claim or a health policy claim?

We believe that fulfilling a claim is more than just a financial obligation. We consider it our duty to repay the trust reposed in us.

The Nominee can visit the nearest branch office for assistance in case the branch offices are operational.

In case your nearest branch is non-operational owing to various COVID-19 advisories, you can

write to us at

You may also visit the link to know more on the claims registration process.

Where can I pay my Policy Premiums and revive my lapsed policies?

You can pay your premiums through any of our digital payment avenues mentioned below:-

Visit our web or through IDBI Federal mobile app available on Android and IOS users to pay premium through credit card, debit card, netbanking, wallets, etc. . You just need to enter your policy number and date of birth for authentication.

IDBI & Federal Bank account holders can inform their respective bank branches to transfer renewal premium amount to us.

How will I get my maturity / settlement payouts?

Our teams will ensure that your policy maturity/ settlement benefits are paid to you in a timely manner.

You would have received intimation from us 60 days before the maturity/ settlement payout date along with the list of documents required to process the request.

You can email the required documents to us on from your registered email ID

In case of any further requirements, we will reach out to you on your registered email ID or your registered mobile no

To ensure seamless and timely payouts, please ensure your NEFT and PAN details are updated with us.

Where can I reach out to IDBI Federal Life Insurance for my queries or policy service related requirements?

We are available on the following service touch points:

  1. Chat with Rehan your Virtual Assistant on :
  2. For Self-service options you may visit our “Customer Portal” :
  3. Stay connected with us through our Mobile App: Mobile app links on Google Play Store and iOS Apple Store can be accessed on:
  4. Email Desk: Write to us at
Who is entitled to receive the Claim benefit?
  • The Nominee or Appointee (in case of minor Nominee) last recorded under the policy in case of policy on own life.
  • The Proposer in case the policy is not on own life.
  • Assignee in case the policy was assigned.
  • Trustee under MWPA (Married Woman Protection Act) policies / Karta in case of HUF (Hindu Undivided Family) policies.
What will happen if the original Policy Document is lost?

The original Policy Document isa mandatory document for processing any claim; however if the same islost or misplaced we may call for some alternate document/s and theclaim is processed further.

What parameters are considered by the Company while asking the Nominee to submit particular records / documents?

     The Company considers the Sum-at-risk, cause of the claim incident, circumstances of the claimand duration of the policy. For example, in an accidental                                    death,specific proofs such as post mortem and police reports are required.For death due to illness, we may call for hospital records, testreports, etc.

What are the claim documents required to process the Death Claim?

Please refer to the link the list of claim documents required to process the Death Claim.

For Death Benefit Claim form,please refer to the link

What is the time frame within which a claim has to be reported to the Company?

A claim must be reported as soonas possible, to enable the Company to ensure a smooth process.

Who should intimate the claim and how?

The Nominee or the familymembers of the Life Assured should inform the branch office of IDBIFederal about the death of the Life Assured. Alternatively, they candirectly intimate the claim by writing to:
The Claims Department, IDBIFederal Life Insurance,
23rd Floor, A Wing,Marathon Futurex
N. M . Joshi Marg, Lower Parel(E),
Mumbai - 400013

What is a Death Claim?

When the Life Assured diesduring the term of the policy i.e. before date of maturity, proceedsunder the policy are payable as a claim to the nominee. This claim iscalled a Death Claim.

Other Questions

How will I know the status of my claim?

You can know the status of yourclaim by writing to us at or by calling ourToll Free No. 1800 209 0502 (Monday to Saturday, 8 am to 8 pm).

What happens if there is no nomination on death of the Life Assured? Or what happens if both the Life Assured and the Nominee expires in the same event?

In such circumstances, it istermed as "Open Title" situation. The Company would requirethe proof of title / Succession Certificate issued by the competentcourt. The Succession Certificate should specifically provide ordersfor disbursement of policy monies. If, however, the deceased has lefta Will, a probate of the Will is required along with the copy of the Will.

If the Nominee dies during the tenure of the policy, what action should be taken by the Life Assured?

The Life Assured should nominatesome other person in place of the deceased Nominee under Section 39of the Insurance Act, 1938 as amended from time to time.

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