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  • Benefits

    Death Benefit

    On death of an insured member while being the member of the group and during the period cover, a Basic Sum Assured of Rs. 5,000 and Lump sum amount as defined in the scheme rules will be paid by cancelling units from the unit fund at prevailing NAV. The total Lump sum amount in respect of all deaths under the policy will be subject to a maximum of the Fund Value of the policy.

  • Benefits

    Withdrawal Benefit

    On event of retirement, resignation, exit on disablement or withdrawal of employment due to any cause of the Insured Member, a Lump Sum amount as per Scheme Rules shall be paid by cancelling units from the Unit Fund at prevailing NAV, subject to a maximum of Fund Value.

  • Benefits

    Investment Options

    This plan offers the choice to the Master Policyholder to define the proportion of premium to be allocated to the 2 funds available. The asset composition of each fund is as detailed.

    1. Group Equity Fund SFIN: ULGF00116/01/17GEQF135

    Investment Objective and Strategy
    Group Equity Fund aims to generate high returns by investing in a diversified portfolio of listed companies. The fund aims to achieve capital appreciation through investments in well-established blue chip companies as well as emerging high growth mid-capcompanies. The investments will be made with a medium to long term perspective. The fund will diversify the risk by investing across stocks in multiple sectors.

    Returns and Risk
    The returns from the Group Equity Fund are likely to be high and the risk is also high.
    Asset Category
    Equities and Equity-linked instruments
    80% - 100%
    Cash & Money Market
    0% - 20%

    2. Group Debt Fund SFIN: ULGF00216/01/17GDEBT135

    Investment Objective and Strategy
    Group Debt Fund aims to generate returns to the policy holder by investing and trading in fixed income securities and money markets. The fund aims at generating returns through coupon flows, capital appreciation through interest rate calls and credit spreads.

    Returns and Risk
    The returns from the Group Debt Fund are likely to be moderate and the risk is also moderate.
    Asset Category
    Fixed Income Investments
    50% - 100%
    Cash & Money Market
    0% -50%
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Know the eligibility for this plan

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18 Years (Min)|79 Years (Max)
80 years (Max)
5,000 per member
10 members (Min)
1 year (Annually renewable*)
15,00,000 (Min)
As certified by the Actuary’s certificate submitted by
the employer in accordance with the AS 15(revised)
Yearly/ Half-yearly/ Quarterly/ Monthly

*The Master Policy will be automatically renewed on each policy anniversary, unless specifically terminated.

IDBI Federal Life Insurance Group Employee Benefit Plan (UIN: 135L052V01) is a Unit Linked Fund Based Group Non-Participating Life Insurance Plan, designed for employer-employee groups.

I am years old
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